<aside> ↙️ This reference sheet is intended for those seeking some clarity about inline math and LaTeX equation syntax, the only math function available in Notion. LaTeX is a wonderful tool, and with a little practice, is easy to use. I'm going to show you some common elements below, including fractions, brackets, operators, etc.


*Note: trigger LaTeX with "/math"

Brackets & Parenthesis

\\{ x+y \\}

$$ \{ x+y \} $$

\\langle x+y \\rangle

$$ \langle x+y \rangle $$


$$ |x+y| $$


$$ \|x+y\| $$

Bracket Sizing & Adjustment

\\big( \\Big( \\bigg( \\Bigg(

$$ \big( \Big( \bigg( \Bigg( $$

\\big) \\Big) \\bigg) \\Bigg)

$$ \big) \Big) \bigg) \Bigg) $$

Etc ...

\left and \right can dynamically adjust the size as well → EXAMPLES →

\\Bigg \\langle 3x+7 \\bigg \\rangle